What is a rolled mattress? The most important information in detail:

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A roll mattress is basically conventional cold fluff, latex or spring mattress that is compressed and rolled up into a space-saving format. This is done by using powerful machines with the weight of a mass of 4 to 25 tons, which presses the mattress in a vacuum packaging. Accordingly, it is self-explanatory that you can roll a rolled mattress again and so they can put back to their original state.

Potential buyers must note that not every type of mattress can be processed into a rolled mattress. As a rule, rolling mattresses are cold fluff mattresses – under certain circumstances, latex and spring mattresses can also be transformed into a rolled mattress. The latex version must be a specific type of material and, moreover, the latex mattress must not be kept in a warm environment or directly in the sun during transport or storage, otherwise, the material will dry out. A spring mattress can be transformed by means of a special procedure in a rolled mattress, which ensures that the springs do not get caught in each other.

Roll mattress: purchase and care

After the purchase and ideally uncomplicated transport, you can store the rolled mattress at home either as a guest bed until the next visit to save space or unpack it directly. If one decides to unpack, one must first leave the rolled mattress lying – usually for at least 24 hours. This is necessary so that the material can recover after compression and rolled storage in its original state and it can develop its complete density. After the rolled mattress could unfold, you do not have much to pay attention to before the first use – during the 24-hour rest, the mattress should also have lost its typical smell, and so you can then refer directly and sleep on it.

How durable is a rolled mattress?

However, since a rolled mattress inherently has a particularly high degree of flexibility and a comparatively low density in order to be pressed onto such a format and then rolled, the roll mattresses generally also make use of them faster compared to conventional mattresses. However, this does not necessarily have to be the case.

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