The suitable slatted frame for a gel mattress

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The choice of the right slatted base is not particularly difficult or just as heavy for a gel mattress as for a cold fluff mattress or a spring mattress. Because the gel layer (or gel foam layer) finally has no contact with the slatted frame, it only depends on the support core of the gel mattress. This is just mostly with these mattresses made of cold fluff or it is a spring core. Accordingly, one must also select the slatted frame for the mattress. When it comes to a cold fluff core in the mattress, it does not matter whether the slatted base is electric, adjustable or rigid, because cold fluff mattresses or gel mattresses are so flexible that they can actually be combined with any slatted frame.

This is more difficult with a spring core since its mechanical function must not be impaired. For this reason, the slatted frame in a spring mattress should not be permanently adjusted, a longer lasting foot elevation is not recommended for example. While most manufacturers do not mind their products lifting the headboard for reading in the evenings, you’re on the safe side with a rigid slatted frame.

Why use a gel mattress instead of a cold fluff or visco mattress?

How does a gel mattress avoid disadvantages of a cold fluff mattress or viscous mattress? Compared to a cold fluff mattress, a gel mattress or a gel bed is significantly more elastic and can provide better pressure relief. The material of a gel mattress adapts perfectly to the contours of the body and allows (especially in side-sleepers) more heavily loaded parts of the body such as the shoulder and pelvis to sink in deeply enough to ensure an ergonomically correct spinal column support.

Gel foam is significantly softer compared to Visco foam and thus adapts to the body contours faster, which is very pleasant especially when changing the sleeping position. Another advantage over a viscous mattress is that a gel mattress or a gel bed is absolutely insensitive to temperature. To provide sufficient support, located under the gel foam layer of such mattresses a cold fluff or pocket spring core. You can get information about the appropriate slatted frame at