Pros of Ikea box spring beds

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The wide selection of beds and bedding offers a good and cheap alternative to specialist retailers. Ikea, the largest household furniture brand in the world, currently has four different box spring beds in its range, all of which are in the lower price segment for box spring beds.

Advantage 1: Convenient location of Ikea stores

The most conveniently located on highways shopping centers can be reached quickly with your own car. Ikea has opened markets in many major cities, so there are no long journeys.

Advantage 2: self-lifting / self-assembly

While in the specialized trade usually a delivery time for a box spring bed exists and in the online trade at least the multi-day delivery must wait, an Ikea buyer can decide at any time when he wants to buy his bed and set up. The temporal flexibility is thus unbeatable.

All furniture in the department store is for self-assembly. The explanation and the procedure are understandable for everyone and it does not require much craftsmanship.

Advantage 3: Try it out

A big advantage over online trade is certainly that you can try out all box spring beds in detail. The test bed to determine the right mattress hardness, the inspection of the various types of mattresses and also the conversation with the seller – at Ikea, the customer can rest in peace and be advised in detail. Due to this advantage, less of the right of return must be exercised.

Advantage 4: Financing / Installment

Anyone who cannot afford bigger purchases right away is still welcome at Ikea as a customer. The possibility of financing from an amount of $ 1,000 is just as given as the registration of the so-called Ikea Family Card. With this one can repay his purchases in self-selected installments plus interest.

Advantage 5: Transport safety

Anyone who has an Ikea Family Card and submits it when shopping has automatically insured his purchased items for the return journey. If damage occurs during transportation to the home and individual parts are broken, they can be reported to Ikea and the furniture manufacturer will refund the parts.

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