Pocket spring mattresses – The advantages

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The ability of the pocket spring core to regulate moisture effectively has already been mentioned. Moreover, since heat generated is released immediately to the outside, not only the formation of mold but also the formation of heat build-up is prevented.

An overview of the benefits:

Good air circulation

The pocket springs ensure that the air inside the mattress can circulate freely, moisture and heat are quickly dissipated to the outside.

High lying comfort

The steel springs mounted in the fabric bags have different degrees of strength, so it has gone over to divide pocket spring cores into different reclining zones. 3, 5, 7 and 9 zones are available on the market, 5 and 7 zone mattresses are recommended by manufacturers. These zones ensure the best possible adaptation of the spring core to the individual parts of the body, which noticeably increases lying comfort.

Optimal adaptation to the body shape

Thanks to its high punctual elasticity, the pocket spring core has excellent adaptability to individual resting body features as well as lying position. This provides a high support effect, which relieves the spine.

Long lifetime

The degree of hardness of a mattress gradually decreases after years of use, whereby the mattress core gradually loses its punctual elasticity. In this case, the mattress should be replaced immediately.

Suitable for fixed and adjustable slatted frame constructions

Pocket spring cores are suitable for all standard types of slatted frames and all substructures. Since the pocket spring core itself is already a sufficiently strong substructure, an adjustable slatted frame is superfluous.

Good sleeping environment

Similar to innerspring mattresses, good air regulation prevents the formation of moisture and counteracts the risk of mold and mites, excess heat is quickly dissipated to the environment.

Available as a 5 or 7 zone mattress

Pocket spring mattresses are commercially available in different zones, widely used are 5- and 7-zone models. The more zones, the more adaptable is the mattress core with regard to different load situations. However, too many zones may limit sleeping comfort, as the desired support effect will only be effective if a particular reclining position is taken and, if possible, maintained throughout the entire duration of sleep.

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