Mattress protectors in different sizes

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Why is a mattress protector worthwhile?

Mattress covers are a useful addition because they serve the mattress as a protective barrier, which, for example, protects against signs of wear, dust, moisture, and wear. Furthermore, these schooners are washable directly in the machine, whereby a hygienic sleeping is guaranteed.

90×200 cm

The smaller variants of the mattress covers, which are suitable for either a single bed or for half of a marriage / double bed. That’s why a double bed is a good choice because each partner could choose their own edition and no compromises have to be made with the partner.

100×200 cm

Mattress covers with a size of 100×200 cm are again mainly used in single beds or in larger double beds. If two larger mattresses are used in these larger beds, a normal or cuddly mattress protector is a good match, even if only one of the partners would like to use it. The other party is not restricted by the waiver or the choice of another schooner.

140×200 cm

These mattress covers in the all rounder size protect the mattress, which costs more in this size than in just mentioned smaller sizes. By using the saver, you can be sure that you will reliably protect the mattress material and trim, whether you are sleeping alone or sharing the bed. For fixing elastic bands are used.

180×200 cm

The 180×200 cm mattress covers are ideal for those who like it a bit bigger, but not the maximum size. They are used in double beds and are fastened to the corners of the mattress so that they do not slip on the large mat during the night. Waterproof variants are for example for seniors or for heavy interesting to protect the cover and the material of the mattress. Chilblains can choose cuddly saver after arrangement with the partner.

200×200 cm

The largest size of mattress covers and mattresses brings many benefits. It ensures that even the large mattresses remain warm when a cuddly schooner is used. Slats for the slatted frame are also conceivable to increase longevity. The large mattresses on which they are stretched, after all, are much more expensive than small mattresses and therefore require careful treatment.

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